A Retro Text Adventure Maker For Windows similar to popular 80's 8-bit creators like Quill/PAW/GAC

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Version 67 (22 Feb 2018) HERE (ZIPPED) (PC - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and above)

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Click here to join TAB_IF_CREATOR Yahoo Group

The Sojourner by Rev Tim Gibson. Biblical quest. Download HERE

The Sims - The Text Adventure! by Steve Bonham. Download HERE

Work in Progress: Interactive Fiction PC game for Windows

Finding True Love by Frank Fridd. With music and sfx. Made with TAB.
Download it HERE

Cloak Of Darkness. Made with TAB.

Graphic Demo. With music, sfx and gfx. Made with TAB.

Character Demo. Made with TAB

Realm Of Obsidian by Amy Kerns

Editor/Player Demo of Tutorial Game

ZX Spectrum conversion

Author: Ambrosine 2000. TAB conversion 2018

Author: George Rawson 2002. TAB conversion 2018

Author: Patrick Paglan 2001. TAB conversion 2018

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